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The Dangers of Dog Bites

Man’s best friend sometimes does more harm than anyone predicts. Even if you are a dog person, it’s essential to recognize the potential dangers of these furry creatures. Dogs are a popular pet, but there are some risks from dog interactions that victims experience every year.  

Are Dogs Dangerous?  

We all know precious canines that are part of the family. Dogs can be amazing animals that are loyal, obedient, and adorable. That doesn’t change the fact that dogs can be dangerous sometimes. Although you should not live in fear of dogs, you should still be cautious that something could happen. Dogs cause countless injuries every year in the United States, and you don’t want to fall victim to this preventable injury.  

Preventing Dangerous Dog Bites 

Although some situations are beyond your control, some measures prevent dangerous dog bites. They are considering following the simple tips to avoid an altercation with a dog, whether yours or not.  

  • Always Ask: You should always ask an owner before touching someone’s dog, even if they seem excited for your attention. Some dogs are on duty or aren’t friendly to strangers. An owner knows best, and you should always have their permission before touching their animal.  
  • Approach Dogs Properly: Even after getting permission to interact with a dog, make sure to approach dogs safely. It would help if you made sure to greet an animal in a way that does not appear hostile or threatening. It’s challenging to communicate with an animal that you mean no harm directly. Instead, try to project your intentions with your body language. Hold out your hand and allow them to make the first move. Do not accidentally put your hand in a position that dogs may misread as “hitting.” To be careful in the case of an attack, don’t lean your face into theirs.  
  • Recognize the Warning Signs  

Dogs usually do not attack out of anywhere. Many of them exhibit warning behaviors that indicate they feel under attack. Learning to identify these signs is crucial. Ears pressed against their head, bared teeth, or raised fur are both signs of an unhappy canine. Verbal signals such as growling or frantic barking are also a cue to back off.  

Are Owners Responsible for Bites? 

In Boston, pet owners are almost always responsible for their dogs’ behavior. Of course, this is up to the court of law in the end. Making sure to have efficient legal representation is the best way to give you your best shot.  

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